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NEWS....Taste of Angus Week

Taste of Angus Week, 19th to 27th March 2016

From Aberdeen Angus beef to Arbroath Smokies, amazing Artisana cakes to delicous gins, wood fired, stone baked pizza to smouldering hog roast, Angus boasts local produce for all palates. Sacred Grounds Coffee Company has been delighted to add artisan coffee to the list of amazing foodie delights available through the county.  During the Taste of Angus week, coffee has been an even bigger focus for us as we talked coffee with fellow caffeine addicts at Old Bean Coffee House in Arbroath.  One of the main aims of Sacred Grounds is to educate people about the wonders of great coffee and this was our perfect soap box to jump on

Old Bean Coffeehouse, although not directly linked to us, have been one of our most committed supporters from the day we first decided we were going to take the jump and set up the business.  They have helped us and, most importantly, extoled the virtues of a great Sacred Grounds cup of coffee!  We thought it was the perfect opportunity to put our espressos down and jointly share the coffee love with Arbroath and beyond.

We hosted two All About the Coffee.... evenings, exploring things like the roasting process, taste profiles, brewing methods and of course, plenty of sampling with the good folk of Angus.  Lots of fun had by all!  We even had time to talk bikes, music and espresso martinis! The evenings were so successful that we think more will need to be held.  All done in the name of promoting Angus as THE place to come for outstanding food and drink of course! 

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