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Peruvian coffee is back! Peru, Ihuamaca, San Ignacio (Organic)

Peru, Ihuamaca, San Ignacio

Location:  Amazonas, Northern Peru 

Owner:     Lima Coffee   

Process:   Washed (organic)  

Varietal:    Caturra, Bourbon, Pache, Typica 

Altitude:    1750-2000 Masl

Coffee producers from Lima Coffee cooperative

Coffee from Peru

This coffee is a little different from other coffees being purchased by our importer who tends to buy parchment from their own supply chain.  This coffee is from a cooperative that they have worked with in the past and thus shows continued support for producers they know grow exceptional coffee.  This also provides an organic certified lot.which is great news.

Lima Coffee Cooperative:

Lima Coffee, the producer of this beautiful coffee, was founded in 2016 by Rony Lavan Guerrero and a number of other coffee producers from  Jaen.   Rony had previously worked in quality control with one of Peru's largest exporters and was very aware of the quality and potential some producers have.  He watched as these coffees were blended into large commercial lots and made the decision to set up a cooperative with a different structure.  He wanted to base the membership on cup quality.  He knew of areas and producers in Cajamarca who have great quality coffee and so approached them to buy their best offerings with the aim being to sell them as microlots to the US market. In most cases, cooperatives are formed by a group of producers who intend exporting their coffee and the coffee in their region.  Rony's model is entirely based on quality and those producers that are equally as focused on quality.


This lot is a blend of day lots from various small holder producers in the Ihuamaca area of the San Ignacio province in Northern Peru. These day lots were purposefully blended together based on cup profile - one typical of the region being full of fruit, chocolate and a citric acidity.  Producers in Northern Peru have their own hand pulping machine and fermentation tank where they produce the coffee before they dry it on their patio or raised beds on their farms.  The main coffee variety grown by these producers is Caturra with some still growing Typica,Pache and Bourbon. 



Caturra is a cultivar from Brazil and is a mutation of Bourbon which is much higher yielding, The tree will not reach the same height as Bourbon  and typical characteristics associated with this varietal are bright acidity and medium body.

Pache Comum is a mutation of  Typica coffee first observed in Guatemala.  This coffee variety adapts well between 3500-5500 feet and has large cherries and robust leaves. Descendant varietals show partial resistance to phoma.

Typica was the first varietal of the Arabica species ever discovered in the Kaffa region of Ethiopia. The leaves are thin and copper coloured with  elongated oval shaped beans. There is outstanding sweetness, complexity and cleanliness.

The Bourbon varietal originated on the island of Bourbon :(now known as Reunion Island) and is a mutation of early Arabica species from Ethiopia. Its leaves are broad and its cherries can ripen red, yellow or orange.

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