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New Year, New Coffee .... Colombia, Huber Grajales

Finca La Diana

Finca La Diana has been under the ownership of Huber Grajales for 10 years when he took the farm on from his parents and siblings.  The farm is perched on the hills just outside the town of Monte Bonito.  Huber is one of 89 producers who are members of the Manizales Cooperative who have a delivery point in the town.He has been with the cooperative for the past 13 years.

Huber Grajales


Huber has entered a number of regional competitions where he has placed well and achieved as high as second place, all helping him to realise the quality of the coffee he grows.  From the money achieved in these competitions, he has been able to invest in the farm and buy steel fermentation tanks as well as improve his micro beneficio (a coffee micro mill meaning he can do all of his processing of the cherry himself in one space and thus improve and control quality).

On his 1 hectare farm, he farms castillo and caturra varieties.  This is a large enough farm that it means he needs help to pick the cherry during the harvest.  From here the coffee is de-pulped and floated to remove immature and floater cherries before they are fermented overnight for 12 hours and transferred to the roof elder to dry for the next 7 - 10 days.  He then cleans the coffee again before preparing it for delivery to the local cooperative collection point.  This attention to detail ensures a premium coffee which we hope you will enjoy as much as we do!


(Images and text provided by Falcon Specialty) 

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