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Colombia, Anserma-Caldas

Coffee cherries, Colombia

Nelson Antidio Melo, the farmer of this particular coffee, was born in Samaniego in Vereda, Piedras Blancas.  There his family connections with coffee began -  his father owned a coffee farm and his grandparents were also coffee growers. He was a victim of the armed conflict in Colombia so 2 years ago, he moved to Anserma, Caldas where he bought the Bellavista farm where he now lives with his wife, Maria Bercella Ortega and his children (1 daughter and 2 sons). 

The farm is 14 hectares in size with 11 ha planted in the castillo naranjal coffee variety.  During the harvest they pick the cherry and pulp and ferment the coffee for 12-16 hours, weather dependent.  After this they dry the coffee for 7-10 days on their roof drying beds before it is sorted and packaged for distribution.


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