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Coffee from the Geta Bore Cooperative

The Geta Bore Cooperative was born out of a group of Technoserve funded projects and is currently part of a training project funded by Coffee Circle and the German Government.

As one of the most northerly located cooperatives under the Kata Maduga umbrella, Geta Bore members are dispersed in a highly forested area of Illubabor, namely the Metu Bishari forest.  The forest is filled with native varietals, one being the Metu Bishari Selection of 1974/75 including 74110 & 74112 amongst others.

Geta Bore Coffee Processing:

The coffee once picked is delivered to the only central wet mill and processed with an Eco-Pulper.  It then undergoes a single wet fermentation over night, skin drying in the shade for 8/12 hours and then a final 12 to 14 day drying stage on African raised beds.  Harvest typically takes place between November and Jan/Feb.

 (Information provided by Falcon Specialty)

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