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A Taste of Autumn - Colombia, Caicedo

This beautiful coffee from Colombia has those flavours of Autumn that just make you want to snuggle under a blanket and look out those winter boots and cosy jumpers. Orange marmalade sponge pudding - whats not to love!  Think of the beautifully zesty orange notes and lingering sweetness of good marmalade and pair that with the comforting, full bodied mouthful and decadent (almost) creaminess of a sponge pudding and you have this coffee in a cup.  We love it!

This coffee comes from Caicedo which is a municipality southwest of Antioquia, located close to the Pacific rainforest in the middle of the steepest mountains of the region. The geographical conditions of Caicedo are ideal for growing specialty coffee but it is a challenging area to reach with 80km of unpaved roads leading to the region.  The people in this area and the producers responsible for growing this coffee are passionate about growing coffee.  For may years the framers were dislodged by guerrillas and could not work their lands.  Only recently has resolution  been gained to allow farmers to return to their lands and homes to start producing and making a living from growing specialty coffee in safety again. This has been due to the help and education of the Colombian. government.

Coffee trees growing in Colombia

In this region, the main crop,  castillo and colombia varietals, is grown from November to January when the coffee is harvested.  It is picked and pulped before being fermented in water for 36 hours.  The coffee is then dried on parabolic driers for between 10-14 days, weather permitting.  It has produced the most delicious cup - we hope you agree! 


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